Sophia Markoulakis

Where would our knowledge about food be without historical context? Why does something taste good? How did it get that way and how did it end up in our backyard? I love how history answers many of those questions for us. As we trace a food's lineage, we see that it's usually passed through time periods, crossed continents and language barriers, creating a common ground for all of us.

Food Writing Portfolio

Every Season

I wrote several of the Tips and Techniques columns, which combined cooking tips and profiles of fun and useful Safeway products.

Every Season Online

Every Season OnlineFor almost four years I was responsible for the online version of Safeway's Every Season magazine. The bi-monthly task entailed refreshing previously published recipes, incorporating new Safeway private label products, assembling weeknight meal suggestions with recipes, composing bi-monthly email campaigns, and developing original seasonal produce cooking tips and ideas. | Archive

Culinate, an online community that fuses taste, health, and the environment, actively engages readers and users in putting good food at the center of their lives. Check out my produce pieces in my archive above.

Project Foodie | Archive

This recipe aggregate takes the legwork out of searching different publications for that perfect roast chicken. My cookbook reviews, monthly seasonal spotlights, and other contributions can be viewed in my archive.

Olive Oil Times | Archive

Olive Oil Times offers readers a global perspective on olive oil and how its production and consumption has literally reached all corners of the world. From industry and health news to producer profiles and recipes, Olive Oil Times has quickly become the go-to site for timely information about this fast-growing commodity.